life's what you make it

Aventine, originally born as Ashleigh Elizabeth Eaton, has nurtured her passion for music from the very beginning. With her father having brought a keyboard into the delivery room, music became the first sound she heard in life. Despite facing personal challenges, such as her father's passing, and assuming the role of caretaker for her substance-abusing mother, Aventine's unwavering dedication to music has remained her anchor. 

Now 22, Embracing her journey with vulnerability and a commitment to making a positive impact, Aventine's alternative pop sound reflects her authenticity. She fearlessly addresses topics like mental health and speaks her mind through her music, as this is the truest form of healing she knows. Currently working as a songwriter at Sound Lounge Studios in San Diego, and collaborating in Los Angeles and the Coachella Valley, Aventine eagerly looks ahead, excited to share her new music and forthcoming album. 

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